Aug 14, 2005

Kitsap County's NASCAR troubles

A group called Kitsap Citizens for Responsible Planning have filed a lawsuit to throw out a Kitsap County zoning ordinance that would allow a NASCAR track to be built. The lawsuit, filed in Pierce County Superior Court, claims that the county's "secret" dealings with ISC racetrack officials violated Washington's Public Disclosure Act.

In addition, the lawsuit claims that since the county failed to follow proper zoning procedures, the construction of a racetrack near Bremerton Nationol Airport should not be allowed.

Kitsap County's "secret" dealings with racetrack officials over the past two years violate the state's Public Disclosure Act, according to pleadings filed in Pierce County Superior Court. "For nearly two years," the lawsuit states, "Kitsap County has secretly wooed ISC to build a large automobile track in Kitsap County. The county commissioners and their high-ranking staff have methodically kept their constituents in the dark."

And, because the county failed to follow proper zoning procedures, a racetrack should not be permitted on the proposed site near Bremerton National Airport, the suit says.

The Kitsap Sun website( free registration required) has a NASCAR page with links to news articles related to the proposed NASCAR track.

Charlie Burrow, president of Kitsap Citizens for Responsible Planning, also has a website that includes several documents related to Kitsap County's dealings with NASCAR and ISC Corp.

This controversy could be a killer for NASCAR in Washington. Maybe Troutdale is still in the running for a NASCAR facility after all.


Anonymous said...

If only Kitsap County had a brain. . .

Anonymous said...

It would appear that the suit-fillers are content with a no economy, no job, nowhere county?