Apr 24, 2007

Easy To Deal With Local Government 101

The folks from McMenamins (and their lawyer) stopped by the Troutdale City Council last night to ask for "permission" to allow temporary overflow parking on Edgefield's grassy area near Halsey St. for their busy summer events. Here's the rub: they have used this grassy area for summer event overflow parking for years.

Troutdale's development code, via the sign code, of all things, requires all parking lots in Troutdale to be paved unless the city council determines an event and its parking needs are of "city wide interest". But Edgefield's overflow parking is used only during the summer months. It made no sense to pave over a large grassy field in the bucolic setting of Edgefield for just a few months of overflow parking.

So after an hour or so of discussion about the sign code (the determining factor on when parking lots must be paved, nothing to do with signs at all- is our development code convoluted and confusing, or what!), the city council voted that all the summer events at Edgefield are of "citywide interest".

At the break, I asked Mike McMenamin if I needed a lawyer to buy a beer at Edgefield. Happily, he said no. See? There IS a difference between private business and local government!

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Anonymous said...

I hope that perhaps you can be of some help. Top Flyte Gymnastics, which has operated for over twenty years in Clackamas County, has been trying to reopen in Troutdale ( at the old Lamb's Thriftway) since late October. It has been a real nightmare for the owners and a hardship on the 50 plus families who have children on their gymnastics teams. Recreational classes make up 75% of their business and they have not been able to continue these. I appreciate process and the need for safey codes but for the life of me I cannot understand the beligerence and hostility that have been directed towards a business that is so family friendly in a location where activities for children are sorely needed. Please look into this.

Dena Hellums