Jan 7, 2008

Fred Thompson To Today Show: I Owe You Nothing

Another reason to like Fred Thompson.


JustaDog said...

Reuters: Among the 2008 presidential field, all but two of the Republican candidates -- Sens. John McCain and Fred Thompson -- have made a written commitment to the American people promising to oppose and veto income tax increases.

Fred Thompson said if he finished poorly in Iowa Caucuses, he would drop out of the presidential race and throw his support behind John McCain. How could Fred try and say he's so conservative if his choice for support is THE MOST liberal RINO - McCain?

Troutdale Canfield said...

Give me a citation for your claim that Fred Thompson said he'd drop out if he finished poorly in Iowa.

JustaDog said...

The link is on my site or you can just google it.

JustaDog said...

Besides, Thompson and McCain are old buddies. Thompson endorsed McCain in the presidential primaries back in 2000 and Thompson was his national co-chairman. McCain was as liberal back then as he is now, and Thompson threw his support to him.

That is part of history.

Troutdale Canfield said...

JustaDog; you're just spreading the lie from Politico.com that has been totally debunked on Newsbusters.org.

Here's the link:

crallspace said...

Ron Paul is the only (R) worth discussing. Thompson is a tired old man.