Jan 31, 2009

Obamananny: No JETS! Are Pork Rinds Allowed?

Citigroup cancelled the purchase of a $50 million private jet after getting a tongue lashing from Obama. And Obama browbeat Wall Street executives after they issued over $18 billion in bonus payouts. Obama's White House issued a press release stating, "Obama did not believe using private jets was "the best use of money" by companies receiving taxpayer assistance. "

Obama voted for the Senate version of the bailout bill. Where's the language in the bailout bill that says companies receiving taxpayer assistance can't buy corporate jets or give away billions in bonus payouts? Where's the language in the bailout legislation requiring any accountability at all? Words mean things, Obama. If you didn't want corporate execs to buy private jets and give themselves billions in bonuses, why did you vote for the bailout? Words mean things!

Congress, in its infinite wisdom, put several restrictions on the lower end of the taxpayer assistance food stamp chain: you can't buy beer, wine, cigarettes or tobacco, pet food, or food that will be eaten in the store. If Obama's corporate bailouts failed to ban pork rinds, Lucky Strikes, Kibbles 'n Bits, corporate jets, or billion dollar bonus payments, that's tough. And Corporate America should thumb its nose at Obama and eat their pork rinds while flying the friendly Gulfstream skies.

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